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Woodstock Chiropractic Services

See How We Can Help You

The team at Woodstock Chiropractic offers various therapies and services to enhance your health and well-being. These include the following:

Massage Therapy

Massage relieves muscle tension and pain, increases flexibility, and frees your body tissues of lactic acid and other waste. Through touch and muscle manipulation, including hands-on soft tissue trigger point therapy, you’ll experience better circulation, stress relief, and faster healing.

Physical Therapy

Depending on your specific injury, you may have lost mobility and range of motion and experience pain. With various therapies, including electrical muscle stimulation, heat, ice, and traction, we alleviate pain, increase circulation, and decrease swelling and muscle spasms. These methods help strengthen, relax and heal your muscles. Supplemental home exercises continue the healing, helping to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Spinal Decompression Therapy

If you’re suffering from a disc injury, our decompression table is designed to provide a pumping action to restore circulation to the discs in your spine. This therapy helps relieve lower back and leg pain, as well as helps restore proper motion and promote disc and soft tissue healing.

Light Therapy

Applying this specialized light to the area of pain may promote faster healing. Pain is relieved by decreasing inflammation, increasing circulation, and improving wound healing by repairing damaged tissues.


We offer on-site X-rays at both locations, allowing for a rapid turn-around of results so we can quickly implement them into your care plan.

Expert Referral Program

If outside services are needed, we work closely with other medical professionals, including neurologists, surgeons, orthopedic specialists, massage and physical therapists, and acupuncturists. We can also refer you to a number of trusted partners to assist you with legal advice/representation.

Paperwork Assistance

An accident and the resulting injury can be very stressful. At our clinic, you’re not alone. Our highly trained staff of chiropractic assistants will help you complete any necessary paperwork for your claim or injuries and help with any questions regarding your policy.


Woodstock Chiropractic Services