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About Woodstock Chiropractic

Hands held up to the sunWoodstock Chiropractic has been providing care to the community since 1950, so there was already an established level of excellence when Portland Chiropractor Dr. Kim Privitera became the owner. She and her team are proud to continue providing compassionate and skilled care for everyone who walks through the door.

Each of our practitioners has been in the medical profession for 20 years or more and is passionate about helping people heal. We’ve seen all kinds of issues in the practice—our expertise is second to none. Whether dealing with back or neck pain, headaches, the effects of an automobile accident, or a fall at work, our team is here to help.

Ensuring You Get Care Is Our Mission

Our mission is to help everyone who walks through our door. We will go out of our way to ensure people get the care they need, whether with us or through referral to specialists.

Woodstock Chiropractic team

Serving the Needs of Our Community

Many cases we see are for acute issues requiring prompt resolution. Communicating effectively with patients is crucial, so having a bilingual staff to speak with our sizable Latino population ensures everyone’s needs are met.

As part of the preceptor program with the University of Western States, we work with chiropractic interns, contributing to their personal and professional growth. Their knowledge of current advanced technology is a plus for our patients’ wellness journey.

Results You Can See

A man came in after almost losing all four fingers on one hand. As a handyman, he was hired to do some landscaping at a home. He was rushed to the hospital and told they couldn’t save the fingers and would have to amputate. His brother insisted they sew them back on and save his fingers.

The surgeon did a great job reattaching the fingers, but all four were black by the time he came to us. We did massage, light therapy, some hand therapy, and other ancillary things in addition to adjustments. We worked to rehab his fingers and helped get him back to about 95% of his function, which was amazing.

Get the Help You Need

Our team is trained at every level to help you achieve your best life using natural and holistic chiropractic and other modalities and therapies. Discover what we could do for you. Call today to book.


About Woodstock Chiropractic